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Apiece Apart, a piece of your wardrobe, a part of your life… 

Laura Cramer and Starr Hout launched Apiece Apart in 2008 with the idea to create a simplified wardrobe. Laura lived in Austin working as a buyer, and Starr was based in New York working in styling and design.

APIECE APART was born during a trip to West Texas for the designers’ 30th birthdays. Inspired by the austere and beautiful landscape, Hout and Cramer conceived of a simplified wardrobe, one that could be packed into a single bag – simple items that could be mixed and matched to go anywhere and do anything.

The line is predominantly produced in New York City.

EAST43 loves…

the rainbow lurex-striped jumpsuits, popover blouses, and sarong-inspired wrap skirts as they are comfortable, joyful, and statement-making without looking fussy.