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Cashmere In Love is a luxury knitwear brand defined by its advanced contemporary style. Founded in 2007 in Istanbul by Parsons graduate Esra Bezek Dikencik, the brand is inspired by her desire to allow women to enjoy wearing cashmere beyond the usual classic cuts and colours.

Reinterpreting luxury by melding the concepts of East and West, traditional and modern, Cashmere In Love’s style is led by signature clean-cut shapes and architectural lines to evoke a distinct feminine expression of luxury and elegance.

Materials also play a central part to the brand’s philosophy, using the very finest Mongolian cashmere yarns combined with wool, cotton and exquisite silks. The accessories also become a part of the collection, adding unique details, such as custom made beads, silk and lace.

Specific cashmere blends and exclusive colour palettes are presented seasonally, making Cashmere In Love a staple item for the contemporary wardrobe.

Cashmere In Love is now available globally through stockists across US, Europe, Asia as well as the brand’s flagship store in Istanbul.