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Harris Wharf London is a contemporary outerwear brand that reimagines classic formal wear. Based in London but produced in Turin, the label is infused with London sensibilities. Tailored coats and blazers are sophisticated and cast in a range of muted colours as well as bold brights and come in a variety of felted wools and cashmeres. All of the brands outerwear features raw edges and are unlined to give them a youthful take on traditional tailoring.

Harris Wharf London is a family business run by two siblings. Aldo Acchiardi, who oversees production and distribution, and Giulia Acchiardi, the designer. Using their grandfather’s glove-making factory in Turin, all of their collection is produced in Italy, made from only Italian fabrics. Having roots in London enabled the brand to grow and develop their business by working personally with the consumer. Since 2009 the brand has been picked up by concept & department stores around the world such as Dover Street Market, Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue  amongst others.