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Harley Vieara Newton’s goal was to make easy and incredibly wearable dresses inspired by my collection of vintage silhouettes and playful prints, but she wanted to give them a modern flair. She wanted to design the perfect dress you throw on when you have 5 minutes to get ready. These dresses are the ones she has always envisioned. They are your go-to pieces that make your life that much easier. Throw them on, grab your bag, and go!

The prints are inspired by the classic vintage motifs she has always loved and gravitated towards: ginghams, cherry prints, and florals. She updates and personalizes each print by adding an element of her personality (like hiding a subtle ‘HVN’ in foliage or adding a polka dot here and there). The dresses are personal, they’re a labor of love, which is why she named her line after my initials ‘HVN’.

‘HVN’ was made for and inspired by all of you – the busy, effortless, and chic go-getters of the world.