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Little Liffner is a Stockholm based leather goods brand, since 2012 dedicated to creating beautiful bags made by experienced hands in Italy. Clean-cut designs in beautiful materials is at the heart of the brand, as is the combination of Scandinavian simplicity and Italian craftsmanship and an ambition to offer clients the feel of a modern luxury brand at an sensible price level.

With a vision to build a niche Scandinavian accessories house LITTLE LIFFNER offers a range merging contemporary and classic to a client confident in her style and with no need or desire to show of labels. The bags are versatile and easy to carry with a blank canvas quality allowing the wearer to project her style onto the bag rather than the other way around.

Paulina Liffner von Sydow is the founder behind LITTLE LIFFNER. She was awarded Accessory Designer of the year 2015 by ELLE Sweden in January 2015.

EAST43 loves…

minimal clean cut designs and the feel of modern luxury are the key elements of the brand. Perfectly sized saddle bags, cross-body options and timeless design speaks for itself.  The small tiny box cream shearling bag is our favourite from the fall collection!