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Created in Japan in 1998 by Yukari Suda Pas de Calais takes its name and inspiration from the area in Northern France that, on a clear day, looks over the white cliffs of Dover. Influenced by the rich heritage of the region, the outdoor lifestyle and stunning landscapes and its famous lace fabrics, Pas de Calais delivers luxurious, romantic collections with a nostalgic touch, and combines them with  traditional and modern cuts.

Today, the Pas de Calais clothing range features light cotton smock shirts, delicately pleated separates and draping knitwear, with elements of linen, lace and luxurious silk. In shades of earthy neutral, charcoal greys and speckled chalk white, these elegant pieces make a stunning addition to any off-duty weekend wardrobe.

Pas de Calais proposes a balanced subtle mixture of casual silhouettes in wholesome fabrics highlighted by touches of decadence that give a freedom of personal styling that crosses all frontiers.

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Japanese simplicity combined with a modern twist. This season, brand’s signature materials, cotton, linen and silk pieces are harmoniously composed into a comfortable wearable collection. Offering us a freedom of styling.