This season is all about mix and match. We all love to put on a unique, quirky and a little bit cinematic character when we dress.

At EAST43, our mission is to bring you unique pieces to lift your wardrobe. We want to see more interesting, unique and stylish women on the streets.  How do we keep our selections always fresh and theatrical? We do our best when it comes to trend forecasting, by watching movies, surfing new music on spotify, and catching latest post modernist exhibitions at best galleries around the town.

Have you ever put on an outfit for the day based on a character from a movie you watched or a piece of music you listened to the night before? Have you sat down in a café either in Soho or Le Marais just to watch people, to see how they dress up, to observe what interests them and to listen to what they are talking about?

One of our favourite young talent, Ondine Daisy Purinton-Miller (We strongly recommend to visit her amazing blog here  and Instagram here ) is a perfect woman who embodies our romantic notions. Ondine is wise and mature beyond her ages. Her natural beauty, an amazing personality and her aura made this shoot just perfect.

‘Some days I want to look like a 60’s French Ye-Ye Girl a la Francoise Hardy. Other days I want to dive into the perfect mix of masculine and feminine like Brian Jones or scarfs and textures like Keith Richards. Sometimes its a bit of (Jane) Birkin after dark. Stevie Nicks-esque vibes do too rear their gossamer adorned, crystal wearing head through me.’ She tells to Mojo Mecca

See our shoot with this beautiful young woman to explore fall trends.

Styled by Ilkin Kurt, captured by Asia Typek for EAST43.