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– Believer of Life –

The inspirations for the recent EAST43 window decor were taken from our muses, such as Lauren Hutton, Loulou De La Falaise, Leandre Medine, Charlotte Rampling, Chloe Hill, and Solange.

“East 43 woman is adventurous, interesting, and has a vision about her life and how to navigate it. She is brave, she isn’t afraid to try new things. She is strong. And these women, their individual style represent all of these elements.” – Ilkin Kurt, Creative Director/Buyer for EAST43

Translating the timeless, eclectic essence into a modern take of fauvism line drawings, the artist Itsuki Drew produced simple yet quietly strong, feminine decals for our store window.

“I was inspired to capture the bold and playful but most importantly the strength of the feminine that is represented by the EAST43 woman into my art work, which naturally took the form as the fauvism influenced drawings. I hope the freedom and the elegant wildness that these icons represent reach the viewers through my work.” – Itsuki Drew, the artist